Pressure Vessels

We manufacture a variety of different pressure vessels for various equipment. All our vessels are designed to PD5500, ASME VIII or DIN Codes. and undergo our thorough in house quality control procedures. Are main areas of focus are Autoclaves, Deaerators, and LPG tanks. We can design any pressure vessel to your specific requirements and to the requirements of the fluid. Vessels thus produced are suitable for the storage and transportation of LPG, ammonia, chlorine and compressed air.

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Autoclaves have a wide range of uses from creosate impregnation of timber to the cooking of tinned hams.

We have provided a selection of autoclaves to suit for the food processing, timber impregnation, tyre re-treading and copper leaching industries.

Our autoclaves are designed in house to fit your requirements.


Deaerators are a useful altenative to the standard Hotwell Tank. They preheat the feed water by using excess steam from the boiler and condensate return from the factory. The increase in feed water temperature results in a more efficient and responsive boiler.

We provide both atmospheric and pressure type deaerators. Click the links below to find out more.

LPG Tankers

We have made multiple LPG tankers in the past for a range of capacities. Contact us for further information on our range.