Stork Pressure Deaerator

Cochrane Engineering have an arrangement with STORK THERMEQ to manufacture their spray type pressure deaerators both for Zimbabwe, and in conjunction with our boilers, the regional market.

Many decades of experience have given the STORK SPRAY-TYPE DEAERATOR a unique place in the deaerating industry. The patented design has been used world-wide in power plants and industrial installations to the full satisfaction of our customers. Continuous improvements and flexibility make it possible to provide highly competitive solutions for power plant design.

Applying the Stork-deaerator in power plant design caters to three basic customer needs: reducing capital investment, providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO), delivering excellent performance combined with high reliability. The robust design allows for lifetimes in excess of 25 years and as high as a staggering 80 years.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership, due to:

  • Simple, robust design resulting in minimal maintenance;
  • Steam consumption savings by a very small vent flow, no vent condenser necessary,
  • Single shell design, resulting in:
    • Compact construction with low overall height;
    • Lower insulation and piping costs compared to other designs;
    • Simple erection;
    • High earthquake resistance


Stork Thermeq are former boiler manufacturers and together we are able to integrate deaerating concepts into complicated water/steam cycles. Stork-technicians have even shown their retrofitting capabilities in converting non-Stork brand deaerating designs into Stork Spray type deaerators.

Visit the Stork Thermeq website to make use of their very helpful deaerator design tool to give you more insight into how a dearator can help you and your boiler.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.