General Engineering

Our talented team of engineers and foremen are capable of designing bespoke general engineering equipment to best suit your needs. Below are a few examples of projects we have completed. We can design to any applicable code and all products follow our strict in house quality assurance procedures.

Heat Exchangers


We design and manufacture heat exchangers of all types;  gas-to-gas, gas-to-liquid, liquid-to-gas and liquid-to-liquid.  Our primary types involve the use of steam or hot water to heat other liquids and comprise shell and tube bundles, with floating heads.

We can also provide finned tube heat exchangers which are typically used in drying operations.

OSO Hot Water Heaters

Cochrane Engineering are Agents and Distributors for OSO Water Heaters, particularly the OSO Commercial water units which are used in buildings, hotels, hospitals and educational institutions.  OSO heaters and calorifiers are often supplied in conjuction with our steam boilers.

Based in Norway since 1932, OSO’s factory is Scandinavia’s most environmentally friendly in the HVAC sector.  The workshop of 18 000 m2 is kept in perfect order, and a good indoor climate ensures satisfied and motivated employees.

OSO’s welding knowlege resulted in their being the first mass producer of stainless steel water heaters in the world.  Top production methods, ultra modern facilities and carefully chosen materials are the background to OSO’s unique 10 year warranty on their stainless steel vessels.  In fact a 26 year average lifetime ensures not only a first class investment but contributes to an environmentally friendly approach through energy and resource savings.

By selecting an OSO unit you are ensured of trouble free hot water for a long time.  The energy efficient construction and highly effective, environmentally friendly insulation saves on electricity bills.

OSO are committed to innovation, continuously adding value to their heaters resulting in longer lifespans and trouble free operation.

Should you require a quotation or further information please Contact Us.

For international enquiries contact OSO direct at;

OSO Hotwater Export AS
N-3300, Hokksund,Norway
Tel +47 32 25 00 00
Fax +47 3225 00 91

Gasifier Technology

25 GJ/hr Mk 1A Gas Producer  Cochrane Engineering has a wealth of gasifier technology based on extensive research and development carried out in the Seventies and Eighties. The product of this technology was the Up-draught, Single-stage Gas Producer for the gasification of local coke, charcoal and anthracite.

The objective of the gasifiers was the substitution of imported liquid fuels (diesel, heavy fuel oils, paraffin) for the more readily available coke and renewable charcoal solid fuels.

The low calorific value gas thus produced is completely smokeless with low levels of sulphur dioxide. Thus producer gas can be burnt directly in a furnace without the necessity of a heat exchanger. Plants have been sucessfully installed in applications such as baking, maize drying, coffee roasting, heat treatment furnaces and calcining of mineral ores and many others.

The Cochrane Gasifiers are available with rated outputs of 2,5 to 25 GJ/hour. The gas producer plant consists of the main generator, gas cleaning and cooling equipment and fuel and ash handling plant.


Local fuels – can be fired on coke or charcoal. The gas can either used in a cold clean or hot raw condition.
Efficient – efficiencies of 78% for cold, cleaned gas and 80% hot raw are achieved when fired on coke of 29.1 MJ/kg GCV.
Temperatures – the temperature range that can be accurately controlled when firing on gas is 200 to 1,200 deg C.
Reticulation – a major advantage with producer gas is that it can be distributed to many users through simple steel piping. This therefore allows the gas producer to be situated in any convenient position.