Factory and Works

We offer technical facilities, field repair and servicing facilities for the repair and overhaul of boilers, pressure vessels and associated equipment.

The Company has plate rolling equipment to roll plate 38 mm thick and 3050 mm wide cold, and 70 mm thick and 3050 mm wide hot;


Flanging and dishing capacity of up to 16 mm thickness by a cold dishing and flanging process, and 25 mm thickness hot pressing of torispherical and semi-elipsoidal pressure vessel ends.

A fully equipped Machine Shop with CNC lathe and machining centre provides high capacity production throughput. A large precision lathe with a capacity of 3,9m diameter x 10 m length is capable of turning work pieces up to 30 tonnes. Facing can be done up to a diameter of 4,9 m.

The Company has a large heat treatment furnace, fired on producer gas generated by our coke gasifier, for annealing and stress relieving. The furnace has the capacity to handle items of up to 50 tonnes in mass. The internal dimensions are 15,3 m long x 4,9 m high x 5,8 m wide. Temperature is controlled and recorded most accurately using a 12 point sensor.

Automatic welding in TIG, MIG, MAG and SUBMERGED ARC are all available in-house. Manipulators and rotators up to 50 tonne capacity are used in conjunction with the welding process. Maximum welding capacity is 1500A continuous duty


We have multiple overhead cranes servicing our workshops. The lifting capacity of the largest crane is over 90 tonnes.

Our Team

In-house CAD and a conventional Drawing Office is supported by a team of qualified engineers and draughtsmen to produce designs to customers’ specific requirements.

In order to achieve the standards specified by the various Codes of Practice to which we manufacture, we provide in-house non-destructive testing in the form of ultrasonic flaw analysis, x-ray radiographic examination and magnetic particle inspection.

In addition to our own inspection and quality assurance service, we have the services of independent accredited inspection authorities. We work closely with the Factory Inspectors from Government Health and Safety Services, who administer the Factories and Works Act with regards to boilers and pressure vessels

Our team of Engineers include specialists in plant commissioning for our own products, and in assessing existing plant in order to assist clients in their correct operation and maintenance.

Our foremen have decades of experience between them on the shop floor. They manage a team of highly talented boiler makers, fully coded welders as well as fitters and turners.