Atmospheric Deaerator

We design and manufacture a range of atmospheric deaerators for the smaller boiler projects where the applications preclude the use of chemical oxygen scavengers .  We are able to supply suitability sized ATMOSPHERIC DEAERATORS to complement most steam installations, from 5 tonnes per hour to 20 tonnes per hour of boiler feedwater.  The deaerators are controlled by maintaining the water temperature at 99 deg C by injection of low pressure steam.  This steam passes through the cascade plates in the deaerator head, stripping out the dissolved gases, which are then released to the atmosphere.

The vessels are designed as horizontal units of the required capacity with vertical cascade type Deaerator Heads.  They are supplied complete with support towers and are insulated and metal clad.

Stork Pressure Deaerators

Cochrane Engineering have an arrangement with STORK THERMEQ to manufacture their spray type pressure deaerators both for Zimbabwe, and in conjunction with our boilers, the regional market.

Many decades of experience have given the STORK SPRAY-TYPE DEAERATOR a unique place in the deaerating industry. The patented design has been used world-wide in power plants and industrial installations to the full satisfaction of our customers. Continuous improvements and flexibility make it possible to provide highly competitive solutions for power plant design.


Reduction of oxygen concentrations to levels below 5 ppb over wide operating ranges (10 to 110%);
High reliability/availability;
Single shell design;
Deaerated water available as soon as the deaerator is pressurised;
Possible deaerating media: (superheated) steam, steam/water mixtures, hot water or combinations thereof;
Sliding pressure operation possible, from vacuum (0.2 bara) to several bar over pressure;
Robust design, allowing very rapid load changes;
Low vent losses, 10 to 70 kg/h depending on amount of incoming oxygen;
Capacity range at the outlet from 10 to 6000 ton/hour, special models possible.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership, due to:

Simple, robust design resulting in minimal maintenance;
Steam consumption savings by a very small vent flow, no vent condenser necessary, Single shell design, resulting in:
Compact construction with low overall height;
Lower insulation and piping costs compared to other designs;
Simple erection;
High earthquake resistance;
For more details on the STORK SPRAY-TYPE deaerators please download a brochure here;

Stork Deaerator Brochure

or visit their site : STORK THERMEQ where you can design your own deaerator, as well as view their many other products relating to boilers.


Stork Thermeq B.V. is member of the Stork Power Services Group, the business unit for power engineering within Stork B.V. , based in the Netherlands. Stork – founded in 1868 – started in development and manufacturing of boiler systems as a major productgroup. In 1997 Stork Thermeq B.V. was formed out of this boiler division.

Engineering activities are focused on the more complicated water-steam systems including integration of feed water deaerators and Ultra Low NOx burners. Stork Thermeq assists customers in finding the most economical and technical solution. The expertise gained through many years of experience in power engineering makes Stork Thermeq a business partner for customers all over the world.

Stork Thermeq B.V.
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NL – 7550 AA Hengelo
The Netherlands
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