Atmospheric Deaerators

The Cochrane Atmospheric Deaerator is a tray type deaerator designed to remove oxygen from the water by using a combination of cascading water and steam. Deaerated feed water is important in boilers as even a small amount of oxygen can cause great corrosion in the system. The deaerator also increases the temperature of the feed water resulting in a more responsive boiler.

Our deaerator is based on physical deaeration which occurs in two stages:

  1. “Pre-deaeration” in which water is cascaded in to part of the steam space via a vertical head.
  2. “Final-deaeration” where steam is brought into direct contact with the water via the steam sparge.

The deaerators are controlled by maintaining the water temperature at 99°C by injection of low pressure steam.  This steam passes through the cascade plates in the deaerator head, stripping out the dissolved gases, which are then released to the atmosphere.

The vessels are designed as horizontal units of the required capacity with vertical cascade type deaerator heads.  They are supplied complete with support towers and are insulated and metal cladded.

We are able to supply suitably sized atmospheric deaerators to complement most steam operations.

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