The original company, Cochrane Sons & Co, was founded by the late Mr Douglas T Cochrane in 1955 in Greenock Road.
Having stood steadfastly by both the Industrial and Public sectors through recent years of local recession, Cochrane Engineering is now gearing up for a bright future in Zimbabwe. Our equipment and facilities are well maintained and our people well trained and eager to make their difference in the re – industrialization of this Nation in the upcoming years. We have a new management team, which reflects the demography and ability of well educated Zimbabweans as a whole. This enthusiasm in the management is further complemented by good solid engineering expertise and experience at a senior level

As a company we remain dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by producing high quality products and services. We seek to manufacture and market products and services which perform reliably and efficiently to the benefit of our customers, whilst ensuring compliance with international codes and practices

Having been in the business of making boilers for over 60 years our employees have amassed cumulatively hundreds of years experience amongst them, not least of all the artisans on the shop floor. Year in and out the more experienced boilermakers, welders and fitter & turners pass their valuable knowledge on to the younger generation.