As Zimbabwe’s largest boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer, Cochrane Engineering has over 60 years of boiler manufacturing experience. We have supplied hundreds of boilers over this period which are giving excellent service in the local market and neighbouring countries.The boilers are manufactured in our Tilbury Road Works in Willowvale, Harare under the supervision of international third party Inspection Authorities, ensuring compliance with the latest British Standard and/or European codes and the Factories & Works Boiler Regulations of the country for which the boiler is destined.

In addition to boilers and pressure vessels we manufacture a wide range of equipment for use in mines and industry. We can also provide all necessary ancillary equipment for boiler houses.

Where we can help

We supply a wide range of industries in Zimbabwe and surrounding regions. Below are a few examples of where you can find our equipment in use.

  • Public Sector

    We have provided steam and hot water boilers to many places in the public sector including hospitals, prisons, and institiutions across the country. Steam is used for sterilization, water heating, laundry and canteen cooking.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    We are proud to supply the manufacturing industry with our products ranging from pressure vessels to high pressure steam boilers. We are also often able to assist with the manufacture of detailed bespoke equipment.

  • Mining Industry

    We are able to manufacture bespoke equipment to a high level of quality. Our in-house quality assurance program can easily be adjusted to suit your plants existing health and safety requirements. We have manufactured top shafts, ventilation fans, detailed ducting and crusher bases across the country

  • Tourism

    We have, for many years, supplied the major hotels with steam and hot water boilers for reticulated hot water and laundry requirements. More recently we have supplied some of the larger electric OSO hot water generators and heat exchangers to the tourist hotels.

    Notable installations include: – Victoria Falls Hotel; Elephant Hills Hotel; Holiday Inn, Beitbridge; Harare Holiday Inn.

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Export Products

We supply the region with our high quality products. Our main areas of focus are South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique but we have exported to areas in Africa as far as Tanzania.

Cochrane Engineering, in collaboration with project management companies in South Africa, have exported pressure vessels which have been incorporated into large steam utility companies, based in Western Province, Eastern Province and Kwa Zulu Natal.

The primary vessels have included High Voltage Electrode Boilers and Deaerators; both of the Stork Spray-type pressure deaerators and atmospheric-type. We have also supplied a number of high pressure and standard pressure 10 tonne coal fired boilers.

Vessels for the Stand-by HFO/Gas fired boilers have also been supplied.

The Industries that now outsource steam derived from our boilers are extensive; Brewing, Chocolate making, Tyre manufacturers, Paper production, Textiles and Food & Beverages, to name a few.

Being right on our doorstep Cochranes has always been available to support Zambia’s growing manufacturing industry.

We have supplied boilers and equipment to the Breweries, Textile Industry, Hospitals and other public institutions, along with some specialised equipment and heat exchangers to the Copperbelt.

With the advent of peace and the subsequent turnaround of the Mozambiquean economy, the prospects for assisting in rehabilitation of the process industry have improved as evidenced by an increase in boiler sales to Mozambique.