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Welcome to Cochrane Engineering
Stirling Mk7 Boiler

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COCHRANE ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD proudly offer you their STIRLING Mk7 Fully Wetback range of boilers.

As Zimbabwe's largest boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer, Cochrane Engineering has over 50 years of boiler manufacturing experience.

We have supplied many hundreds of boilers over this period which are giving excellent service in the local market and neighbouring countries.

CS Chain Grate Stokers

Cochrane Stirling Chain Grate Stoker 

Chaingrate Stoker - As the flagship of our boilers the Stirling Mk 7 boiler comes fitted with our standard Cochrane Chaingrate Stoker which has been developed to efficiently burn a wide range of regional coals.  Our largest standard stoker efficiently consumes over one tonne of fuel an hour on specialised wide design links. 

For Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Gas fired burners there is a large choice of proprietary burners available on the market and our customers can indicate their preference. 

For the combustion of waste fuels we can fit a number of options, being Cyclonic Burners, Dutch Ovens or Fixed Grates; depending on the available waste.

HV Electrode Boiler

HV Electrode Boiler 

Cochrane Engineering manufacture a wide range of 11kV HV Electrode Boilers exclusively for the EB Steam Group in South Africa, who offer a unique steam outsourcing product. 

To date EB Steam have over 25 sites running sucessfully in Kwa Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng, some of which have been in the field providing high quality, reliable steam for over ten years.

Contact EB Steam for more information on our Electrode Boilers. 

Contact Us

Head Office and Works:

Douglas Works, Stand 46, Tilbury Road, Willowvale.      P.O. Box ST 361 Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe.                  Tel: +263 (4) 611611/18 (hunting); 611621-28.             Fax: +263 (4) 611619/611610/611317. STOP PRESS : NEW ECONET NUMBERS: +263 077- 2140 982 to 987 (6 lines).  Radio Tel: +263 (4) 2910050; 2922159.

Bulawayo Depot:

11 Welbeck Road, Thorngrove. P.O. Box 8128, Belmont, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.         Tel/Fax: +263 (9) 68154.



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